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The Smith Family interactive

BMF worked in partnership with JC Decaux to harness Panasonic's D-Imager and Microsoft's .Net technology to create an interactive outdoor ad that invites passers-by to interact with school children in the unit. As people approach the ad, the children onscreen run away from the viewer, demonstrating the isolation experienced by disadvantaged children.

BMF Technical Director Doug Rathbone said: "Interactive-outdoor is still such a new twist on such a well-known medium, we're really excited to be involved in such an interesting technical piece for such a good cause.”

The interactive ad is part of The Smith Family’s annual Winter Appeal, and aims to raise awareness of the issue of disadvantage, which lacks visibility in Australia, by demonstrating the experience of disadvantaged children.

It is also hoped that the ad will help boost donations for The Smith Family Winter Appeal, which is currently behind target for 2012.

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