You've Gotta Have a Team
Football Federation Australia

Two million Aussie kids play football. Less than half have an A-League team.

Enter Yoshi, an avid 10-year-old footballer. Over six weeks, each A-League club went head-to-head, competing for Yoshi’s support. After shaking hands with every A-League captain, meeting over 90 players, taking more than 1,600 photos and travelling 15,000km, Yoshi made his choice…



Football Federation Australia

Over 100 pieces of social content.

Along the way, we shared Yoshi’s story with millions of fans, just like him.

And pretty soon, everyone was talking about it.

Fans generated over 400,000 social posts (680% increase) trying to convince Yoshi to pick their team.

Football Federation Australia

And finally Yoshi picked… Melbourne City.