BMF ECD, Pia Chaudhuri shares her thoughts on creativity with The Australian.

‘The Growth Agenda’ is a new, weekly page within The Australian that  promotes the power of creativity to Australia’s business community.

This month our own Pia Chaudhuri, spoke to the national broadsheet about how creativity can drive economic growth. 

Drawing on numerous examples, Chaudhuri identified the homogeneity that exists within the ad industry and illuminated the benefits of embracing diversity to achieve greater creative output. 

“What excites me about this principle is the possibilities we could unlock if we give diverse people a seat at the table. To dish out their insights and experiences. To stir debate and rouse the kind of ideas a homogenous group would never reach alone. Ideas that not only represent, but have the ability to move and influence far reaches of our vibrant multicultural society.”

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