Tasmania's long term brand play takes you to the edge of the world.

In BMF’s second Growth Agenda feature in the The Australian, BMF and Tourism Tasmania invited readers to go to the edge of the world. The new article by Pippa Chambers, explores the enduring power of the brand platform, “Come Down for Air”.

“Many would have seen those 10-second Calm meditation ads on social media that attempt to get you to pause from the constant phone scroll and relax. Tourism Tasmania’s ads are these on steroids. They naturally stop you in your tracks, create a sense of inner peace, longing and desire but not in a way that feels forced. They take you to a happy space of tranquillity and, importantly, realism.”

Chief Marketing Officer at Tourism Tasmania Emma Terry said, “Within the dynamic market we are operating in, having a brand platform like Come Down for Air has provided an anchor point for our team, industry and visitors and it has never been more relevant.” 

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